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This is a time when many are discourage by circumstances around them, when we have come to the breaking point, where we can no more believe God. We have received so many promises from God and even one is fulfilled. This is a book for you. A fresh message from the throne room of God. This is the announcement of an abundant rain and the rain simply says pursue, overtake, for you shall surely recover all.

As you start this wonderful journey to your recovery, you may position yourself to recover all that you lost.




We are in the season of overflow where God is doing a new thing in lives and taking many to a new level. A place where ma ny have never been. When there is overflow, there are surpluses and excesses. The Lord is going to take you to a level far beyong your capacity. Even if you have never attained your fullness, your limits will be taken off and your capacities bypassed.

My prayer is that through the pages of this book you’ll cooperate with the Lord for His glory to be reflected in your life beyong your imagination.



We are commanded by the Holy Scriptures to love everyone, but not to be intimate with all. The reason is quite obvious: those you stick with have a way of influencing and eventually shaping your world positively or negatively. Anyone who shapes your life determines the outcome of the same and inadvertently determines whether or not you fulfill God’s purpose for you.

It therefore becomes absolutely necessary for each one to examine and evaluate their relationships in order to determine those that become weights, thus slowing them down and drop them consequently in order to make progress in the race set before us.

This is not a suggestion, but a mandate. We must redeem the time.




We are not creatures of chance, but of destiny ; each with a plan and purpose masterminded by our Creator Himself.

Discovery this plan and purpose either by impartation or influenced by prevailing circumstances, is the discovery of vision or one’s life’s mission.

What you hate is a clue to what you are mandated to correct. What grieves you is indicative of what you are assigned to heal. Similarly, what you love points you to gift and grace you carry.

This book is about to shoot you like an arrow towards discovery and realization of your life’s mission which is a must for every citizen of the kingdom of God.